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A Stop Along the Way: Little Muenster

Each sandwich came with a pickle. I like pickles. I don't love pickles and ricotta, though Little Muenster tries to keep it as classic as possible. 

Pancetta grilled cheese on gluten-free bread.

So, during New York Fashion Week, no one eats. People say they eat, but they only really drink and smoke cigarettes. I'm just trying to be an honest blogger here, people. Both of those are not healthy traits to have, especially when you're running around all day trying to get to meetings, and shows. And no, a reasonable excuse is not "but I'm too broke to buy food so I take the free champagne." On that note, since many people are too busy starving themselves, I'm too busy running around while also making sure (by making sure, I mean I'd miss a meeting to make lunch..) to make time as frequently as possible for food. And on some days, I eat double for the models that aren't eating that week! Fashion is a really fantastic field to work in. On a more low-key Saturday morning, Angie and I ventured to Little Muenster at Hudson Eats to try their life changing grilled cheese sandwiches. My mom used to make me grilled cheese sandwiches when I would come home from school, probably up until 7th grade (when I started asking for green juice instead because ew, grilled cheese!) so grilled cheeses have some sentiment attached for all of us. Little Muenster takes a childhood classic to the next level, by offering sandwiches (and a gluten-free bread option) like ricotta + fruit jam, and a side of maple syrup spicy brussels sprouts. In true Alexa fashion, I ordered just about every sandwich and side, and milkshake, because, every sandwich needs a milkshake, right?

My top choices: 

#1 Get the classic grilled cheese. Not gluten-free bread. Full gluten, dairy, butter filled sandwich. Do it.

#2 is the homemade blueberry jam, whipped ricotta and mascarpone ($9) changed my life. Prices are quite reasonable as well. Unless necessary, don't get this on gluten-free bread, but why would you anyway.

#3 Avocado+ egg white breakfast toast, this goes perfect with gluten-free bread. It's light, fluffy, and has a decent amount of avocado smeared on top.


And there you have it. A Stop Along the Way at your mommas local grilled cheese shop, this one just offers a side of fancy brussels sprouts. 

Hudson Eats on Liberty Street and Brooklyn. 


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