I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

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A Stop Along the Way: Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe

An ordered and simple brunch menu, with a simple layout. 

Quinoa + egg, avocado toast, buckwheat banana bread. 

Beginning A Stop Along the Way was an exciting area for me to venture into. Of course, I love food, but this segment reaches far beyond the moment of food entering my mouth and my taste buds deciding whether they are pleased, or not so pleased. A Stop Along the Way has allowed me to venture to new places, to meet new people, and try a world of undercover and unexpected cuisine. Dad, none of this food compares to your meat and potatoes diet, I promise. Much of my job entails meeting new people and forming new relationships, which is something I take such an unreal amount of pride in, and is also where 99.9% of all my connections have formed from (remember, I started from the bottom *Drake* but I really did). 

Fast forward now to my latest segment on ASATW, at Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, originally discovered by the fantastic Becky who was as dumbfounded as me to find a restaurant moderately unknown online, yet so known via Instagram. Shows what the world of technology can do for ya. Something as discreetly famous via pictures geotagged to a Greenwich Village location had to be as good as people were saying Bluestone was, right? 

Upon entering Bluestone, you are greeted by some really fucking beautiful people. Like when I say beautiful, these people make you realize how not beautiful you are. The front of Bluestone is tiny, though beautiful and open, with bursts of sunlight shining through. Your waiter will be Australian, more beautiful than you, and will greet you with a wide smile and that damn Australian accent that always gets me. Consider the crowd cool yet chic, looking to get a bowl of quinoa with smoked salmon, or some indulgent folks looking to get out of the overpriced quinoa realm of this century and on to some of Bluestone's famous additions: corn fritters, buckwheat banana bread, and granola with yogurt. Most stop in on their way to work, looking for coffee and a pastry to take on the run. 

We sat outside, after being led through another seating area to a stunning and open patio. Again, small, yet cozy. More beautiful people sit next to you on your right and left (really not helping the self esteem here, Bluestone) and bond over a mutual adoration of the outdoors and healthy food. 

What I recommend: 

Iced chai was fantastic. Sweetened with honey (I could tell) and they recommend making with soy milk instead of almond, so I wouldn't go trying to be 3x trendier here and order almond milk. Let them do their thang. 

Becky really wanted the morning bowl (of quinoa) which she loved, I didn't love so much, not a huge quinoa person and would have liked double the smoked salmon to contrast with the egg. I'll leave Becky to her quinoa now. 

Bluestone is famous for their fritters/avocado toast/granola, so we had to order all three. I never thought granola and yogurt would have me wanting to venture to the village, but that granola was perfectly sweet and crunchy with a flavorful contrast to the tart yogurt. Unreal compared to my boring granola with almond milk breakfast!

Avocado toast was decent, very much avocado toast (aka there wasn't anything making it super stand out, but I liked the hard, crusty bread which I've never seen used before) and the corn fritter was very unusual. 

This isn't your average fried and fatty corn fritter, it's more like a corn pancake, meaning don't steer clear of this item from the menu in the fret that you will have to go to Soul Cycle TWICE that day to burn off a fried masterpiece (this is a joke, are people really that wealthy???) It's a light corn pancake, filled with batter and corn, topped with beets and prosciutto. I liked it. I like anything with prosciutto. 

We ended with the buckwheat banana bread with ricotta, honey, and bee pollen. Banana bread is an item on any menu that I will automatically be attracted to, screw the quinoa and healthy food, give me the moist, fluffy, banana filled bread! Bluestone does an usual spin on their bread, topping it with ricotta (could/ still could eat a plate of ricotta with honey) and putting bee pollen on it for an added dose of health. I do wish the bread had been a bit more banana tasting and less buckwheat, though buckwheat is a tough grain to work with, so props on getting any sort of banana taste out of this bread. This is a healthy way to indulge in your bread craving. 

Head to Bluestone for light, affordable, organic food from your favorite Australian servers, and some pretty fantastic pictures of food, just make sure to sit on the patio to get the true Bluestone vibe!

Miss Fashionista