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Cook'n with Class, Paris

I'm always working. I'm always traveling. And working. Travel, work, travel, work. Eat. That's my life in a nutshell. It's not everyday that you get to travel to Paris though, am I right? So, I decided to take off my Saturday of shows and go to a cooking class called the evening market class. I decided to take the class with one of the most renowned cooking schools in Paris, called Cook'n with Classbecause, always go big or go home.

Cook'n with Class offers a variety of classes at their beautiful studio located by the Jules Joffrin train stop. From a 5 hour evening market class, to a macaron class, to a croissant class, learning how to make basically any famous Parisian food is on their agenda. Had I had more time, I probably would've taken a croissant class too, though my time was limited. Now, let's talk about my experience.

The group of "chefs" was quite small: about 5 people were in my class, 6 including the incredibly nice head chef. We spent a few hours wandering around an outside market, learning about every type of meat and fish in Paris. We got to experience what the locals experience everyday when going out to the market to shop. It was an experience different than anything I've ever encountered in the U.S. The fresh fruit and vegetables were vibrant, and almost all organic. The fish and meat are all organic, and you can tell how truly passionate the locals are about getting up at 5 AM every morning to go fishing. 

The menu? It's the first picture in my slideshow below. I really enjoyed getting to choose our own menu, vs. the school choosing it for us. The rest of the group wanted scallops for the appetizer, but I was quite hesitant to agree because I despise scallops. They have no taste, and mimic a rubber elastic band in my opinion. Though the rest of the group convinced me to give these scallops a try, so I went for it. The main course was going to be a classic French dish, involving duck, which I decided to try for the first time! For dinner, we went with a classic chocolate flourless souffle.

After picking our ingredients up at the market, we headed back to the studio to start cooking. The entire meal took around 2 hours to cook, so I got to drinking wine and chatting with the rest of the individuals in my group. No cliques at this cooking class! We each got equal time to do different tasks, like shred zucchini, and melt the chocolate, and I was quite happy with that. I had the impression that in cooking classes, there was always going to be that one person who took control over everything, but my instructor was a pro at making sure that didn't go down.

Once the meal was complete, and I was starving, we sat down to eat. Each course was beautifully plated, and insanely delicious. I already cook quite frequently at my house, so I'm a fan of being in the kitchen. Even if you aren't a big fan of cooking, taking a class here will force you to fall in love with food and the kitchen atmosphere. There's something special about eating the food you've cooked, vs. eating the food someone has cooked for you. 

What was my favorite part of the meal? Probably the zucchini with hollandaise, and the sautΓ©ed fingerling potatoes with duck fat. I'm still not a fan of scallops, even after having them cooked to par, though I'd eat duck again. Chocolate souffle? I'd eat that every day. 


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