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A Stop Along the Way: Mariage Freres, Paris

Do you know what it's like to eat gold for breakfast? Straight up gold for breakfast, courtesy of Mariage Freres, thank you very much. When in Rome, go big, or go home. When it Paris, eat gold for breakfast at Mariage Freres, or go home!

We all know Laduree and Fauchon, which are the two most popular bakeries in Paris. Laduree has now branched out to be in just about every city, while Fauchon remains Paris based. You'd be shocked to hear (I definitely was) that Laduree macarons are apparently frozen! The minute I heard that my favorite, delicate macarons are frozen, I knew it was time to find a new tea room. That's how I found Mariage Freres, located right in the heart of Paris. They invited Cassell and I to go in for a morning of tea and snacks before shows. 

Of course, we ordered about half of the entire menu. I wanted to try the smoked salmon for breakfast, and Cassell went with the duck. The smoked salmon was the freshest and juiciest smoked salmon I've ever eaten, and I was so surprised, considering I've had smoked salmon in every single NYC eatery that's known for impeccable smoked salmon! We also tried the brioche toast with jam and butter, which melted in my mouth. Not the bread, or the butter, but the jam. I wanted to buy all of the jam in the store and smuggle it home with me. I've never tasted such delicious and fresh jam!

For desserts, we opted for the cheesecake, gold chocolate cake, eclair, and madeleines. I'm not a fan of cheesecake, so I didn't feel tempted to eat any, until the waiter suggested I try a bite. I went for it, and boy, that was also the most unreal cheesecake I've ever tasted. It wasn't as much cheesecake as it was a fluffy butter cake. Plus, the presentation is equally stunning.

I dug into the gold chocolate cake immediately, because I'm a chocolate kinda girl. As expected, I was impressed with the presentation AND taste of this beauty. I took a bite of the light cheesecake, and then a bite of the rich chocolate cake, and it was the perfect contrast between light and heavy. 

If you're in Paris for business or leisure, stop by Mariage Freres. Order an eclair and a cup of tea, or go big and order a breakfast spread. I highly suggest the smoked salmon, their monthly green tea special, and the eclairs. You won't be disappointed with anything, though.


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