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In the Lane with Blacklane

H&M dress, ASOS shoes + jacket, PRIM by Michelle Elie jewelry + custom bag, Carolee necklace

Corny title, I know. I couldn't help myself though: I was actually in the lane with Blacklane during my time in Paris for Fashion Week. Prior to any trip, I do some research on the top hotels, car services, and salons in the area. Blacklane came up multiple times in my search for the top car service to bring me from the airport to my hotel, and to a few hotels, so I knew I had to try it to see what the hype was about.

Well, the reviews were spot on. Blacklane is basically like Uber for the UK, only it's arranged via their app or online, and the rates are obviously higher since it's a black car service. But, paying more means you get more. Exclusive and intimate service that's on time, as well as comfortable. If you're flying on an early flight like I was, then I highly suggest booking your car with Blacklane and letting them take care of the rest! 

On this particular day, I put together an outfit that's been one of my favorite outfits of 2016 (so far). I purchased this simple black dress from H&M for $50, because every gal needs a LBD, and I packed it with me to travel to Paris with. The great thing about a black dress is you can dress it up OR dress it down. Throw a leather jacket on top (like I did) so that you don't look like a soccer mom, or, amp up a sexy soccer mom look by putting on heels, a blazer, and a red lip. Fashion is about being versatile, and I take pride in being able to have one piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I can dress up in different ways. What's the fun of wearing a black dress with heels all the time, anyway? Even cooler was this bag that I snagged at Michelle's showroom preview: it's a custom made bag that's one of the coolest items I've actually ever seen. In no way is this bag affordable, but shooting in this beautiful Paris park for the day was quite fun. I was sad to give the bag back, but now I know where I want my next investment purchase to be from. 

Wait, can I consider a $2,000 bag an investment? For my future at least, right?


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