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The Hollywood Hotel, California

Restoring my entire cell phone (AKA life) isn't stopping me from going back and remembering my trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. No, I might not have the pictures to prove I was actually any at of those places, but, I have the memories. What did people do in the old days without iPhones?

During my weekend in LA, I stayed at The Hollywood Hotel for a few nights. Located in the heart of Hollywood, The Hollywood Hotel is a quaint and accessible property, that's perfect for a business or casual stay. Upon arrival, it's definitely not the Four Seasons, but the rooms might as well be Four Seasons quality. I ended up falling asleep at 5 PM on Friday night from pure exhaustion, and the bed being insanely comfortable! The room is chic, with a marble bathroom and purple splashes across the room. 

My room had a deck that overlooked the patio of the hotel, where you can lounge on the weekend and have some cocktail-style food that the hotel gives guests complimentary. Rates are reasonable, and even come with a free buffet breakfast! I managed to get a quick workout in at the hotel gym before having an omelette made downstairs and my morning cup of coffee. 

Different from your classic 5-star property, The Hollywood Hotel comes with a story attached. Read more here. Booking a room here doesn't just enable you to see California: it enables you to stay at a property with history!  There's definitely no other hotel in LA that offers a complimentary breakfast to the level that this property does, and people have noticed. 

It's the only place I'll be staying at every time I visit LA! 

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