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Take it Slow in San Fran...

Lucy sweater, Banana Republic sweater

J.Crew vest, JOA top

I got back to Boston with a cold surprise: snow. And lots of it. It's nothing like that damn 24/7 sunshine out in Cali back here on the East Coast, that's for sure. 

There were a few places during my short time in San Francisco that I made sure to stop by.  My girl Megan (of Yellowberry!) recommended I stop by Tartine Bakery, which is located in the Mission. That's a rad neighborhood, filled with tons of street art and hipster coffee shops. My kinda vibe! I also went to Pica Pica Arepa in the Mission which changed my life...gluten-free empanadas, arepas, plantains, yucca fries...lacking gluten has never tasted so good! You could spend the entire day wandering in and out of vintage boutiques and admiring the street art. 

I only had 2 meetings in San Francisco, so for the most part, I got to take a chill pill. No crazy running around, hair and makeup, high heels, or any of that jazz. As much as I adore being on set and getting up at 4 AM for hair and makeup- when I'm not on set, I'm literally in sweatpants or jeans. Jeans is even a stretch: how can I eat all dem tacos in skinny jeans?

My friend Morgan made sure I stopped by SusieCakes, located near the Golden Gate Bridge. I wandered in and asked the team if I could take pictures, and they gleefully gave me 4 CUPCAKES to try! I was in heaven. No joke: the gluten-free cupcake from SusieCakes is the best cupcake I've ever eaten. After chowing down at Susie's, head to the Painted Ladies, where you can sit on the beautiful hill (Justin Bieber just posted pics there, btw) and admire how stunning SF is. You'll be smiling if it's sunny, and you'll be in a food coma from all of your cupcakes. That sounds like the perfect day to me!

At the end of your day, stop by Air Repair Skincare, and say hi to founder Denise (pictured above). Air Repair made me love my skin. I owe Denise my life for that.

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