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A Stop Along the Way: Milk Money, Providence

If you've never step foot in Providence, it's time you take some time and make a trip to Rhode Island. No, it's not Boston, Manhattan, nor London, but Providence is a gem. My best friend, Claire, goes to Johnson & Wales, so I'm frequently in Providence saying hi to her, or grabbing lunch with my dad. Providence is a short train ride from my apartment in Boston, and it's the perfect getaway if I'm getting cabin fever in Boston and in need of a change of scenery!

My dad works in sales, which enables him to travel across the East Coast and sell some of his products to really cool new restaurants, companies, and small businesses. He's not an entrepreneur like me, but he spends enough time around startups that he might as well consider himself one!

I was planning to go to Connecticut yesterday for a doctors appointment, and my dad suggested we stop in Providence for lunch at a new restaurant he had come across through his research. Milk Money, located on S Main Street, seemed like a good bet to me after I investigated the lunch menu. The restaurant scene is Providence is booming: every time I'm in the city, a new restaurant or coffee shop is popping up! Milk Money has only been open for four months, which is not long in the restaurant world. 

Upon entering Milk Money, you'll immediately feel like you're in a cabin in the middle of the woods. The rustic vibe is unreal. I'm obsessed with exposed wood and mason jars, and Milk Money already impressed me with their decor the minute I walked in. I didn't even need to try the food to decide whether I liked the restaurant! I'd marry a mason jar if I could.

Now, the food. New American cuisine with a twist. A burger with thick bacon, short-rib grilled cheese, spicy lentil salad with bok choy...a mosh pit of categories that somehow all seamlessly blend together. We decided to go for the burger, grilled cheese, lentil salad, and shrimp on top of quinoa. I had a hunch the short rib grilled cheese was about to change my life, and I was right. Perfectly moist short rib, combined with creamy cheese, cranberry jam and hearty bread...I'd marry Milk Money's grilled cheese, too. The bok choy was perfectly grilled and seasoned, which was surprising for a restaurant that doesn't specialize in Asian cuisine. 

I'm not a huge fan of shrimp, though my dad adored the shrimp dish. The lentil salad with delicious: a bit spicy for my liking, but I enjoyed the hearty mushrooms paired with the rich lentils. My sandwich and burger came with roasted root vegetable chips on the side, and the chips were as incredible as the actual entrees. I believe the chips were red + sweet potatoes, and those are my two favorite types of crispy vegetable chips! 

I'll definitely head back to Milk Money in the future to try their dinner/brunch menus, which have more options. Either way: I'd head back to Milk Money for a mini getaway and a badass grilled cheese.


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