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The Flatiron Hotel + Toshi's Penthouse

New York Fashion Week has ended, for me! A little escape to Manhattan was just what I needed to stay inspired. Megabus hooked me up with some bus tickets, and I traveled from DC to NYC and now NYC to Boston. Megabus goes everywhere- I'm such a fan!

The first hotel I stayed at for NYFW was The Flatiron Hotel. Since Fashion Week is no longer held at Lincoln Center, the majority of the shows were located on 33rd and 8th Avenue, which is in Herald Square area. Though it's not my favorite place to hang out around, I enjoy being in Midtown more than having to trek to the Upper East Side to catch a show. For someone like me who is frequently late, going from downtown to the UES can take me a good 30-40 minutes! What's great about the Flatiron is that they're located right in between Union Square and Herald Square, which makes for convenient travel when running around to shows and meetings! 

After coming across the Flatiron Hotel and their perfect location, I knew I had to book two nights at the property. With affordable rates and cozy rooms, this hotel has the basics plus a few extra perks. The Flatiron doesn't have a regular restaurant: they have Toshi's Living Room + Toshi's Penthouse. Take note: Toshi is the absolute coolest dude in the entire world, and his entire team is nothing but accommodating and sweet. We got invited to spend all of Friday night in the restaurant/lounge, and it's actually the perfect place to spend a weekend night. Whether you're on a date or you're with your girlfriends, Toshi's live music and vibrant atmosphere will intrigue everyone to hang out there. A sweet singer named Binx performed on Friday night, and my crew and I got to chatting with her about performing and how much she adores singing at Toshi's.

I also got to meet the chef, who used to work at ABC Kitchen, and is now reinventing Toshi's restaurant. I went crazy over his Southern style food, like hush puppies and picked onions with mashed potatoes. On top of his impressive cooking skills, he's also very nice and passionate about his job. Surrounding myself with people who are as motivated and passionate about their career as I am makes my job a little bit more calming.

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, book a room at The Flatiron Hoteland a meal at Toshi's!


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