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A Stop Along the Way: Harding's, NYC

You know when you're away from home for so long that all you start to think about is a home-cooked meal? Growing up, my mom never cooked, and my dad is a straight meat and potatoes guy, so I'm not one going home and craving Mom's apple pie. Haha, I wish. 

But due to the lack of delicious cooking in my home, I decided to ensure that all three of us would get home-cooked meals every night, even if it meant throwing on a pair of reading glasses and an apron. Which I totally did. Now, my parents are asking ME to go home on the weekends to make them the exquisite meals they know I absolutely adore cooking and planning.

Since I travel *way too much* for work, I'm usually running and grabbing a sandwich or salad from a deli or restaurant before jumping on a plane or train. Before heading to Montreal, I started to get pretty homesick, especially since I was spending a night in NYC before Canada. I knew I needed to take a break and chill out for a few hours, so I rounded up the gang for a meal at Harding's...

I had the opportunity to review a meal at Harding's a while back, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to have the chance to go back and indulge in another amazing meal. We decided to begin with beet salad, the raw tuna, and fig and cheese bread toast. As expected, I have basically nothing negative to say about the appetizers. The bread was crispy and sweet (just how I like it), the tuna was Gabi's favorite: she's still talking about how much she loved it 2 weeks later, and Gabe died for the beet salad. It was sweet and light yet paired with the cheese. 

For our entrees: Gabi chose the chicken, Gabe went with the salmon, and I chose the short rib with a side of brussel sprouts. I should've chosen the chicken, because it was one of the tastiest and moistest chicken dishes I've had this year so far. The short rib was good but nothing special, and I was too full to try Gabe's salmon! That chicken though...wow. I HIGHLY suggest ordering the chicken for your main meal: the dijon glaze was an added sweet and tasty touch, paired with the vegetables underneath made for an all-around tasty dish.  

And of course, a meal at Harding's is never complete without ending with griddle cake for dessert. Mmm, thinking about that griddle cake and chicken is making my mouth water... Whether you enjoy Southern cuisine or not, this dessert is a must-try. Complemented with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on top, the ideal bite includes the cake AND the ice scream. Screw your 2016 diets: order EVERYTHING at Harding's, because you won't be disappointed. If I'm saying that about a restaurant, you know the place is damn good.


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