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Montreal Photo Diary

Canada Goose jacket, The North Face boots, Oscar and Anna bag

I've returned back home after a successful trip to Montreal with my friends for New Year's Eve. I don't think any of us were expecting the temperature to be as cold as it was: without snow boots, I would've been a walking icicle! 

Upon arrival, we checked into Hotel Le Crystal, which hosted me for our first night in Montreal. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel is a sexy and chic boutique hotel. Adorned with fancy chandeliers and super hi-tech electronics, it's been one of my favorite hotel stays out of everywhere I've ever stayed. We put our stuff down at the hotel, and then decided to venture out for some panini's at a local cafe called Olive Et Gourmando. I got a dirty chai, and a chicken panini which was pretty tasty. There's no comparison to coffee shops after you visit ones in Boston and DC, so even though it was chic, it was only a 5 on the coffee shop cool spectrum (lol).  

After waking up for an early flight, we were all pretty tired, so ended up crashing early at the hotel. Hotel Le Crystal has a private hot tub on their roof, where we spent our evening. You see the entire view of the city from the top, while staying warm in a whirlpool. Trying to stay warm and look cute is not exactly the easiest task. Canada Goose sent me this jacket last year, which was the only essential I knew I had to bring to Canada.  As beautiful as the jacket is, it's super heavy, and ends up hiding any outfit I have on underneath. What do you think: is being fashionable worth risking a cold? 

We ended up eating breakfast at the hotel the following morning too, which was a light and fresh addition to a busy day of running around the city. Crepes, eggs, and fruit are European essentials. Along with snow boots and massively large jackets. 

I've got a lot more Montreal content coming up, so stay tuned! 


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