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The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Sometimes, my job kinda sucks. I only get 24 hours to explore a place if I'm in town for a short period of time, like this past week in Las Vegas. The last time I was in Vegas I was 14, and so much has changed in that period of time. Vegas is a booming city, and the Las Vegas Strip has about everything you could want in one place. Be prepared for incredible food everywhere, lots of tourist activities like seeing Vegas from above, and great shows. 

Though I had a short 2 hours to explore downtown Vegas after my flight, I got a glimpse of what Vegas has quickly become. To say it in one word: madness. When picking the hotel I wanted to stay at, I figured I'd attempt to stay as far away from the strip as possible because I had to be up quite early the next day for hair and makeup. I came across the Plaza Hotel & Casino, located 10 minutes away from the strip. Upon walking in, expect to be bombarded with everything Vegas. Chic employees, attentive team, and lots of bright colors from the slot machines will make you feel like you're in your home away from home. That is, if you're looking to stay up all night and party! 

I was given a huge room, so my model and I had enough space to try on outfits for our Fox segment and have hair and makeup set up with an appropriate amount of space in the morning. We also had a pretty awesome view of Vegas, and the mountains, which was exciting for me because I adore waking up early to see the sun rise. 

For dinner, the hotel invited us to try out Oscar's Steakhouse. The hotel has a ton of restaurants you can choose from, whether you're looking for something more laid-back or something high-end. I was totally exhausted and hungry from a day of working and traveling, so our waiter brought everything he thought we'd like out for us to try. I haven't had a waiter that kind and attentive in so long: it was a breath of fresh air to know there are restaurants out there that actually put time and effort into choosing their staff!

My model, Chandani, loved her crab cakes, and I went crazy over the sweet potato fries with dipping sauce. For dinner, she ordered the salmon and I ordered the steak, which was probably the best steak I've had in the past 6 months. Perfectly cooked, tender, and juicy...just the way I like it. We also had brussel sprouts with bacon, which is a dish I always like to try out in a new city. Oscar's put an unusual spin on the classic dish, which I found interesting paired along with the sweet potato fries. Dessert was just as satisfying: healthy and fresh fruit salad, sorbet, and an indulgent chocolate cake. My waiter knew exactly what I would like to eat so well. 

If you're heading to Las Vegas, I highly suggest staying at the Plaza Hotel & CasinoEspecially if you have family, the Plaza has something for everyone. Stay tuned to read my guest blogger, Anisa's, guide to Las Vegas, coming up shortly! 


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