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A Stop Along the Way: iBlowDry, Vegas

Blowouts sound kinda weird, don't they? Women spending $40-$50 to get their hair washed and straightened seems a little funky. I used to believe that, before I actually got my hair blown out. The first time I experienced a blowout was about 2 years ago, when a few salons had just come onto the market. I went in West Hartford, CT, and spent an hour getting my hair washed, blowdried, and frolicked with. I left feeling kinda happy. I felt like a princess for that one hour of time, which is weird since all I simply got done was my hair washed and dried. To say the least, I was hooked.

Now, I'm constantly getting my hair touched and prodded with on shoots. In Las Vegas, I came across iBlowDry, which is a hair, makeup and nail salon located in short proximity to the strip. I reached out to them about collaborating for my shoot with Fox, and they were excited to have Chandani and I in to get our hair done prior to the shoot!

Blowouts start at $35, and makeup starts at $30. They also have gelish for nails, so if you're obsessed with the gel nail trend like I am,  iBlowDry has your back. The environment is super chic and all white and blue, which I adore. Mirrors surround you, so you can pick your head up from your magazine and get a glimpse of what your hair/makeup looks like before it's done.

I was lucky enough to find one of the stylists, Dean, at iBlowDry to do our hair and makeup early Thursday morning prior to the photo shoot. He did some of the best makeup I've had on myself in a long time. The staff is super kind and accommodating, and I hate working with a team that's not as excited and exuberant as I am. That's why, I'll be heading back to this gem of a salon every time I'm in Las Vegas for business OR leisure. 

I highly suggest checking out this rad spot in Vegas if you're in town, or, follow iBlowDry on Instagram and Facebook!


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