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Navigating Nashville, One Step at a Time

Nashville was a blast. Yes, most of my time was spent eating, but that doesn't mean I didn't indulge myself in the culture just a bit. Nashville is a massive city, so I curated a guide for you guys who are looking to see everything in a short period of time. From accommodations, to food, to touristy outings, this guide has just about everything you need to see and do while you're in Nashville.


As recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow, The Hutton Hotel  was where I resided in Nashville. Located just a few short minutes from The Gulch, and downtown Nashville, this hotel had everything and more. From an intimate yet busy lobby, to attentive staff, and a crazy informative concierge, I see why Gwyn spent 3 weeks living here. Many of the travelers worked in the music/ entertainment industry, which was a blast for me to surround myself with. P.S., order roasted vegetables from the restaurant. They are SO good. 

Hotel Preston, located in close proximity to the airport, was a good choice for me on the night before my early flight the next day. The bed was comfortable, the gym had all I needed before my flight, and the fruit-infused water in the lobby is killer.


Since that's the only part we reallllyyyyyy care about...

Let's narrow this baby down:


Barista Parlor, Funky Monkey, Crema, and Revelator Coffee. 

Food at Frothy Monkey, chocolate and the bourbon vanilla latte at Barista Parlor, avocado toast and amazing lighting for pictures at Crema, and nice baristas at Revelator.

Actual food:

Biscuit Love: A Southern Heart Attack. Biscuits, fried chicken, gravy, and unreal orange choose. Get the bonuts (yes, bonuts) with lemon mascarpone...you'll die. And the fresh OJ!

1808 Grille: Located inside The Hutton Hotel, 1808 is a light and tasty option for guests at the hotel and locals. Go to the trendy bar for a drink, and then order the gluten-free and vegan risotto, or the fried brussel sprouts with bacon. Both are unreal options. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes: The famous Sprinkles is now in Nashville. Expect to wait in a line out the door on the weekend. Sinfully worth it.

Marche Artisan Foods: Another Goop suggestion, Marche was by far one of my favorite brunches in Nashville. The wait on a weekend here is a total pain, but so worth it. Order the quiche and tartine to begin, and if you're with a group of people, add in the bread basket with butter, nutella, and more sides for a few extra (much-needed) calories.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream: The famous Jeni's is now in Nashville! Order a scoop of everything, and top it with a cherry and the honey whipped cream. Just kidding...kinda.

Fido: Check out the hot Vanderbilt boys and order yourself a honey latte while simultaneously pretending you're in college. Or just order a latte and the steak and eggs. 

Work off the Biscuits:

At Barry's Bootcamp and Barre3. Pretend you're a local by working out and eating like one. Barry's is the famous chain that is a mix between running and strength training, and will definitely work up your appetite before you go and eat all of da biscuits and fried chicken. 

Barre3 is the company owned by my girl Sadie Lincoln, and the cute location in The Gulch just reminds me how amazing Sadie is all over again! You can work out with your Rolex on here, ladies.

Shopping + Neighborhoods:

12 South: Frothy Monkey, Sprinkle's, and Draper James are located in this trendy neighborhood. Quite upscale, but a perfect location for photographs of yourself and your cupcakes. Grab a cupcake and head across the street to shop.

Imogen + Willie: I've never been in a store like Imogen + Willie, which is probably what made it so special. Between the high-quality denim, candles that smell amazing, and really rad wooden exterior, it's a must-see in Nashville. 

The Gulch: Located right by the heart of downtown, The Gulch is a massive shopping area. Loaded with independent boutiques as well as stores like Urban Outfitters, you could spend all day here. Go to Barry's for a workout, grab a coffee at Bond, and surf through the sales at Urban.

Vanderbilt/Belmont area: Walk up and down the street by Music Row, stopping for brunch at Fido, ice cream at Jeni's, and vintage books at BookManBookWoman

Tourist Crap:

Country Music Hall of Fame: Do it to say you did it. I hate tourist stuff, but this was kinda intriguing. All I could think about was the biscuits I was going to eat after, but it was still a fun experience.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen: $9 candy apples and all of the butter and chocolate you could imagine, in one room? Count me in.

Tootsie's: The world famous Tootsies is a place that all of your favorite stars probably started singing in. Grab a cheap drink, and prepare to listen to lots of country jams.

The Listening Room: If you want to see where the locals hit up on a Saturday night in Nashville, come here. Listen to 4 up and coming artists sing with nothing but their guitar, and order the fried tomatoes. 

Nashville has SO many options and activities, this is barely half of what the booming city offers.


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