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A Stop Along the Way: The Black Cat, Boulder

Boulder was quite an adventure. Going to Colorado in December was a nice break before the busy holiday season, and since I went with my best friend, it was bound to be an adventure.

Boulder has a pretty elaborate but quaint high street, filled with high-end restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. One place I came across on the night before we left town was The Black CatA restaurant recommended by both locals and tourists, The Black Cat is known for offering farm-to-table cuisine in an intimate and sexy setting. I've been to many farm-to-table restaurants, but nothing has been like Black Cat. You can literally taste how fresh the food is the minute it touches your mouth.

Gabe and I opted for the chef's tasting menu, which is truly the best way to grasp what The Black Cat is all about. The menu changes monthly, so the menu they have now is different than the one we had, but it'll always be impeccable. I had everything from foie gras to the striped bass. I'm more of a risk-taker when it comes to unusual foods, which meant I was trying the foie gras and everything else we couldn't pronounce, and Gabe stayed on the safe side with the different dishes. 

Even though I didn't know what I was eating at every moment, I was somehow pleasantly surprised with how happy The Black Cat made my mind and stomach. The staff are equally as informative: expect to spend at least 2 hours eating here and learning about where your meal originated from, how your drink was created, and just about everything else you could imagine from one small plate. Most of us eat so quickly that we don't even have a chance to think about who made our food, or what farm our food originated from. That's one of the reasons why this restaurant stood out to me the most out of everything Gabe and I ate in Colorado. An almond milk latte with a croissant is great, but who made your food? How much were the farmers paid to raise the organic fish you're eating? Questions like that are questions we should all be asking ourselves when we go to spend a lot of money on a meal.

Trust me: The Black Cat will change your perspective on eating, for the better.


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