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Boston Calling

I'm wearing a Primark dress, bag, and boots in outfit #1, and outfit #2 is Primark pants, Aeropostale top + jewelry, and Adidas Originals sneakers

Wow, what a memorable weekend this past one has been. I'm still recovering from a three-day music festival and it's already Tuesday. Boston Calling began on Friday, and ended with an unreal performance by Alabama Shakes late Sunday night. Some of my new and old friends ended up attending, and we had a blast jamming out and eating delicious food all weekend. I've gotten pretty into music festivals this year, after attending Governor's Ball in Manhattan in June, so I'm adjusting to the setup. It's not a place you want to wear your most expensive shoes and jewelry, unless you plan on having your Cartier bracelet stampeded over. 

Thanks to Primark and Aeropostale, I was music festival style ready. After the Primark store opening a few weeks ago in downtown Boston, I immediately returned to pickup this dress and shoes, and won't deny having gone back multiple times over the past few weeks to pickup many more items...Since the weather cools down around 5 PM now, layering is in style. I get to stay a little sexy by exposing my legs, yet I can put a sweater on top of any dress and immediately be warm. 

You'll probably see me wearing one too many plaid shirts around my waist this season. Wearing plaid around my waist makes me feel more "basic" than imaginable, but I'm just in love with the plaid...


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