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Back to School Dorm Style

Back to school is rapidly approaching. Whether you're heading to high school or college, you're probably grabbing new clothes and dorm supplies like it's nobodies business. Even though I'm not heading to college, I've got so many friends who are sending me their dorm pics, and I'm quite excited for all of them. If I was going to college next month, I know exactly how I'd layout my dorm. Some of the pictures below (all pulled from Pinterest) are fantastic ways to utilize tiny dorm space. Especially since you and your roommate may have different expectations for what your dorm looks like, it's up to you to plan your side of the place. 

My top 3 dorm tips are:

1. Organize. Buy a few cheap boxes at places like TJ.Maxx and Walmart, and throw your underwear, bras, and socks in 1-3 boxes. Stick these under your bed and you've already taken care of half of your closet with the annoying mess on the floor. 

2. Compromise. You're going to be living with someone else, so when it comes to cleaning, a set of rules should be established at the beginning. Whether it means lights off by 11 PM, or no pillows on the floor, learning how to compromise is part of the college dorm experience.

3. Have fun! You've officially moved out of living at home, which means no set curfew, food at all hours of the day, cute boys to hang out with 24/7... and you get to decorate however you want!  


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