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A Guide to Maine (Part 2)

As much as Kennebunkport was an incredible experience, Portland is a city on the East Coast like no other. I like to compare Portland to a mix between Boston and Philadelphia: you get the suburban country vibe, yet Portland is a city, so you've got an endless amount of bars and restaurants open late at night. 

1.5 days in this city wasn't enough for me to totally indulge myself in the culture. I wish I had spent an extra 3 days in this booming city! Here's what I got to do while I was in town:

Magnolia Fitness

When I'm on a vacation, I eat everything in site. That means I've got to get a good workout in at the beginning of my day to feel like I deserve ice cream after every meal! I came across Magnolia after doing some research on fitness and Portland, and was pleasantly surprised at this relaxing getaway. Nestled in the back of a salon, I got to try out barre class, which is definitely one of my top fitness favorites as of lately. I'm so used to taking insane level 3 barre classes in NYC that Magnolia was almost easy compared to Exhale and Physique 57! They also offer pilates and yoga. 

Where to Eat

Maine food (in general) is so damn good. There really isn't "bad" food anywhere. 2 restaurants I visit each time I'm in town are Dobra Tea and Standard Baking Co. I'm also a huge fan of Local Sprouts. Get an iced matcha latte and their dish of brown rice, maple syrup, nuts and raisins at Dobra, a financier and a loaf of bread at Standard, and a gluten-free local ham + cheese sandwich with a homemade iced chai at Local Sprouts. 

What to Do

What's one activity I do a whole lot in Portland? Shop. A LOT. Portland is filled with vintage/ thrift stores just about every other 10 feet, so you can expect to spend a decent amount of money thrifting on high-end designer clothes as well as undiscovered clothing brands. I absolutely adore Second Time Around on Main Street, as well as their eclectic selection of unusual stores. 

Start your day with an iced chai at Local Sprouts, and walk down the high street to Akari (the coolest spa in Portland) while browsing their selection of cosmetics. Treat yourself to a facial or massage, too! Take a few minutes to admire the street art, like that cool graphic picture of an animal, and then head down the block for a blueberry bagel with cream cheese at Mister Bagel. Abie loved this bagel joint. Spend the rest of your day parading around shops, and then stop for a tea + cookie break at Dobra. 

I didn't have a chance to explore the nightlife scene in Portland, but my uber driver told me it's quite interesting! If you have a chance to go out in Maine, let me know! I'd love to hear where you go.


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