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A Stop Along the Way: The Conrad

Last weekend was a blast. After staying over at the Refinery Hotel, I transferred to the Hotel Elysse, and took my friend Hannah out for dinner at the Conrad Hotel. I was quite surprised at being invited to try out this trendy property, considering I used to live less than a 10 minute walk away and had absolutely no idea this property even existed!

Upon walking into the Conrad, you can expect to see a mirage of trendy, high-class folks, as well as a decent amount of families. You take the escalator up to the chic check-in floor, where you can also go directly into the restaurant. Atrio exceeded my expectations. On a Saturday night, you'd think that the place would be booming. Instead, it was insanely chill, with business going down in the corner with some Wall Street folks, and a family drinking wine and feeding the kids pasta parallel to us. I was impressed that a hotel this classy had people in shorts (like me) to high heels and Herve on. Many restaurants in the city can't maintain an "all levels" manner. 

Now, to the food. A Mediterranean inspired mix had everything from grilled branzino to steak and potatoes scattered throughout the menu. I was attracted to the burrata and veal meatballs, along with the fried squash blossoms. If you haven't had squash blossoms before, they're actually one of my favorite foods. Atrio put an unexpected twist on them, stuffing the blossoms with cheese, and deep frying them. They were light yet indulgent. 

For our main courses, I had the branzino and Hannah had the scallops. Though the prices aren't cheap (entrees range from $30-$45) I genuinely enjoyed my fish dish. After spending a week in Maine last week, that branzino remained in my mind every time I had a bite of lobster in Portland. Who would've guessed Manhattan fish is just as flaky (if not more) than Maine!?

After dinner, I highly suggest putting your name of the list for the rooftop upstairs. A mix between a bar and unreal skyline view, the Loopy Doopy bar is a NYC gem. Both kids and adults can head upstairs for tasty popsicle drinks, or just a simple Coke while viewing the Hudson River. The Conrad  is worth the $20 cocktail price: I promise.


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