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A Guide to Maine (Part 1)

My trip to Maine ended early due to me having to begin drivers ed. Never allow drivers ed to be a reason you stop anything important early. Actually, even if you're just at the gym, don't stop to go to drivers ed!

Now that I've gotten my hate for drivers ed out of the way, coming back early from Maine kind of sucked. I fell in love with the culture and the people. Abie of The Retired Models (my travel companion/ new BFF) and I met some pretty incredible people. We went paddle boarding, which was a first for me, and ate ice cream after just about every meal. Maine is a pretty large state, and it takes a decent amount of effort to cover all parts for a true Maine experience. Between Kennebunk and Portland, this guide will cover food, fashion, and hospitality! 

Where to Stay: 

Nonantum Resort

Situated right in the heart of downtown Kennebunkport, the Nonantum attracts both families and couples. Since my parents came on this trip with us, we got a joining suite, so Abie and I had our own room and my parents did. The only downside is that there's one bathroom to share between everyone, but the positives of this resort outshine the bathroom issue. Wake up early and go for a run on the water, or rent a bike and ride it to breakfast in town. 

What to Do: 

Since Kennebunk is quite smaller compared to Portland, you're limited to just the downtown area. Don't get me wrong: I could've spent another week exploring the downtown area if I wasn't forced to come back. How cute is the wooden sign saying what everything is?! Shopping and food are incredibly overpriced, but get to Coastal Maine Kayak (hi Riley if you're reading this) early in the morning and rent on of their paddle boards. Paddle boarding is a damn good workout. 

Where to Eat:

Now that you've gone paddle boarding and burned all those calories (or, even if you haven't) head to Dock Square Coffee House and get an almond milk latte. Walk around for a bit, and grab some chocolate covered blueberries (Maine is famous for their blueberries) and salted caramel fudge next door at the Fudge Shop. 

Walk up the rest of the high street, and go into the local general store, H.B., and grab a slice of their amazing quiche and roasted vegetables ($7!) or a panini. Maybe a whoopie pie on the way out.

hen you're heading from Kennebunk to Portland, go to the famous Maine Diner. They're known for their seafood specialities, like lobster pie, though I chowed down on their blueberry pancakes with fresh maple syrup and whipped butter. Oh, and that sausage...killed me. 

Now, to the important part: ice cream. Abie and I managed to try just about every shop in town, but we both couldn't stop indulging in Aunt Marie's blueberry ice cream. She loved the cookies and cream, but I'm regretting not buying a pint of the blueberry. Never live your life with regrets.

art 2 of my guide coming up soon!  


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