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Exhale Spa

Living in Manhattan enabled me to test out a full 6 months of every fitness center in the city. As the mad fitness addict I am, that includes every excruciating barre class, spin class, pilates, bootcamp etc... Luckily, last weekend, Exhale Spa invited me to Boston to try out their latest studio! I booked a bus ticket on Megabus for my best friend/ colleague Megan and I, and off to Boston we were!

Among the pop-up Soul Cycle imitation studios, rising number of barre studios, and endless amounts of skinny models wearing Kylie Jenner style Cartier stacked bracelets, I've managed to find the place I feel most "at home." Welcome to Exhale. Known for being the most recognized spa/fitness studio across the country, Exhale has studios in Boston and NYC, suitable for someone always on the go, like me. 

After venturing to almost all of their NYC studios (my favorite being the Upper East Side one) as well as one Boston location, I decided that there is no place I'd rather sweat and burn my summer ice cream obsession off!

I highly suggest a massage/facial at Exhale, as well as their basic core fusion barre class. If you haven't tried barre yet, it's time you do. I'm such a fan of barre because along with the cardio aspect, you feel every single muscle working through your workout, yet you're not walking out of the studio totally drenched in sweat and physically exhausted. Exhale gives you a workout that won't injure you or make you despise working out. With all of the summer Exhale spa specials, you'll fall in love with barre class and a facial following. 


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