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A Stop Along the Way: Sonsie, Boston

One of my favorite cities is Boston. I love the atmosphere, the kind and welcoming people, and most importantly, the food. Boston has an extensive line of restaurants, ranging from "fast food" to steakhouses, and lots of local food. One restaurant I never stray from is Sonsie. Located in a prime location at the head of Newbury Street, Sonsie offers some of the cleanest and tastiest food in Boston. After getting stuck in Boston on Monday night due to a canceled flight, I brought one of my best friends, Nick, in to taste the deliciousness with me.

We ordered the calamari, the gnocchi, steak, asparagus, and gluten-free pizza with ricotta and egg. For dessert, we sampled the famous bread pudding and lavender creme brûlée. I couldn't have been more impressed with the fantastic calamari, coming from someone who would usually rather eat anything than calamari at a restaurant. It was perfectly crisp, paired with a tart sauce on top. The lavender creme brûlée was just as impressive: a fragrant lavender was prominent throughout the insanely creamy and indulgent pudding underneath. Sonsie, you never fail to impress me.


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