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A Stop Along the Way: Sqirl, Hollywood

There are two cities in the world that I have come to the conclusion offer some of the best food. Istanbul, Turkey, and Los Angeles, California. CA has every resource necessary to offer incredible food, like location and a suitable market. After a long hike up Runyon Canyon, I googled "best LA brunch" and came across Sqirl. One of my favorite characters on Mad Men frequently posts pictures of her indulgent brunches here, so I figured Sqirl was a necessary stop. After doing a bit more in-depth research via Yelp, I was on my way.

Upon arrival, the line was out the door. There's outdoor and indoor seating, but during early summer months, opt for outside. The view isn't anything special, though the atmosphere will get you. With a view of the hills, you're in luck at this trendy joint. For gluten-free and vegan eaters, you can find just about anything here. Local and fresh ingredients make everything on the menu a delightful selection. What did I order?

An almond milk latte. A brioche + ricotta with raspberry jam toast, smoked beet hash, coconut milk porridge, and crispy rice salad. 

I'll never forget Sqirl's almond milk latte, and I'd coin it the most fantastic latte you'll get in the country. Homemade almond milks seals the deal, and it's creaminess will have you thinking you're gulping down whole milk and cream. I was a bit disappointed with the brioche toast, and wish I had gone for one of the salmon/prosciutto toasts instead. To describe their toast simply, Sqirl could've done a bit better. Maybe a drizzle of honey or nutella on the top? 

Coconut milk porridge (gluten-free AND vegan) is a score, especially if you like lemon (I don't) but still tasty. The rice salad is basic and filling. I wasn't impressed with the beet hash either: it was wayyyyyy too creamy, and I wanted to taste more beets, yet I felt I was only eating a runny egg and crispy potatoes.

Next time, I'd be sure to opt for one of the sandwiches and maybe an egg tartine. Even though I wasn't totally obsessed with my meal, I'll be spending most of my summer here regardless, trying everything else off of the menu!


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