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An Easter Celebration with Citarella

I'm wearing an Everlane top + Sanctuary skirt

Waking up after one of the best weekends in a while is both disappointing and tiresome. I hosted an Easter brunch with friends + family yesterday, sponsored by Citarella (and a few tasty chocolate bunnies from Financier Patisserie), and we ate, drank lots of delicious drinks, and watched the tennis game through the early hours of the evening. Since this is the first party that I've ever hosted, I found it almost necessary to work with a company who was willing to give me a few tips, tricks, and yummy foods to serve my guests. Citarella had it all. My game plan was to make most of the food from scratch, but I wasn't opposed to having help on some desserts + pea soup. Citarella is primarily known for their exquisite Italian cuisine, so I knew I had to get prosciutto, and several cheeses. With the help of Citarella staff, I decided on an extraordinary truffle cheese, goat cheese, and a lemon ricotta cheese to be served throughout the night.

My sister and I co-made gluten-free chicken + waffles (with a honey mustard dipping sauce) using GF breadcrumbs + cashew meal, and we made kale salad with a spicy peanut dressing. One of my friends, Anna, brought us some treats from Melt Bakery, so along with about three pounds of chocolate, we were also nibbling on ice cream sandwiches. Thank you, Anna. Thank you.

If you're planning on hosting your first event anytime soon, my top two tips are:

1. Have a co-host. Don't forget your co-host.

2. Make half of the courses yourself, and get a few courses or desserts pre-made, so you can bring them out without having to worry about heating anything up. 

Happy Monday!


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