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A Stop Along the Way: Davio's, Manhattan

Ever since my best friend, Gabe, introduced me to the world of pesto pasta, ricotta, and a mecca of butter and cheese, I've fallen in love with Italian cuisine. There's nothing I adore more than spending a weekend at home with my friends, cooking lots of gluten-free pesto pasta, and making my favorite gluten-free almond rosemary ricotta flatbread. 

When Davio's invited me to try out there budding NYC restaurant, no diet would make me say no to this. I brought my boyfriend in a few weeks ago on a relaxing Monday night. Located in Midtown, Davio's usually attracts a strong group of employees and older folks. Their gluten-free menu is expansive: filled with gluten-free pasta with tons of toppings, as well as the best steak we've ever eaten. 

There's not much you won't find at Davio's, whether you enjoy Italian or not. 


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