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A Stop Along the Way: Biscotti's, Jacksonville

On my trip to Jacksonville, I couldn't resist indulging in some true Southern-esque style food. I'm talking chicken + waffles, bread pudding with all the bread, and heavy meat. One of my favorite meals on my trip was at Biscotti's. Located a few short minutes from my humble bungalow, Biscotti's was everything I want in a meal, and more. We began with one of their specials for the night, which was some form of spicy pork plantains, which I enjoyed. They weren't half as good as the rest of the meal, however. 

For my main course, I was suggested the apple pork loin. I don't frequently like pork because it's too tough of a meat for me, but this one was cooked to perfect, and I enjoyed my choice to swap out the regular pasta for butternut squash ravioli underneath. I still taste that ravioli in my mouth...

My mom choice the fish meal for the night, also with the ravioli underneath. The fish was so flakey and tender: I haven't had fish that delicious in quite a while.

Now, if you're looking for just dessert, Biscotti's is most definitely your best option in Jacksonville. Don't skip on the bread pudding. I choice the gluten-free cake, which was decent for gluten-free, yet nothing compared to a gluten-filled bread pudding. Go big, or go home.


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