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Paris Recap: What to Do + Where to Go

I returned late Sunday night from my extensive trip to Paris + London. I slept most of yesterday. Oddly enough, I didn't have any jet lag going to London, which made sense why I had a decent amount coming home. There's something about going from an almost 2 week trip to coming home that is a major reality wake-up call. Having to make my own breakfast now, and wake up in a bed that's not in a 5 star property, is disappointing, to say the least. On that note, I'm going to give you a recap of what to do, where to go, and what to eat, so that I can reminisce on one of the best trips of my entire life.

Where to Stay:

The Chess Hotel

This stylish boutique hotel, tucked away in the side streets of the Opera district, is the ideal location for a trendy weekend getaway. I stayed at the Chess for three nights, and was astonished with their delightful complimentary morning breakfast, and 5-star worthy bed. 

Le Meurice Hotel 


I took my sister to the Le Meurice hotel on the water for an afternoon of tea and facials. This property is absolutely giant, with a phenomenal view overlooking the water. If you're looking for a getaway where only the chicest celebrities and fashionistas head to, the Le Meurice is your best bet.

The Cuisine:

There's a decent amount of both positive and negative thoughts towards the cuisine in Paris. In London, I ate some of the most indulgent and tastiest food I've ever had. In a place known for lacking quality ingredients and overall taste, London had it all.

Paris food is a little more on the bland side. We're talking crusty bread, steak, and lots of fish. How do the French women stay so thin? There's your answer.


Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Katy Perry are frequent diners at this insanely trendy hotspot. So trendy that my steak was a whopping $75 U.S. I believe (don't remind me). The cocktails are really overpriced, the food is decent but not extraordinary, and the crowd is overrated. Let's just say, there are many other Paris restaurants where you won't spend your weeks paycheck on the meal, yet will feel satisfied with the tastiness of the food. Unless you're looking to sit next to Kim K., of course.

Hotel Costes Brunch

One of the most magical getaways for dinner or brunch is the Hotel Costes. Another overpriced, trendy mecca for celebrities and government officials, Costes is so damn trendy they even have albums with the songs they are listening to at the moment, that you can find on Spotify. #Trend #Y

Go for brunch, and don't order the chocolate croissant. Get a club sandwich on gluten-free bread (trust me) or the chili fish. Nosh on the crusty bread and deliciously salty butter prior to your meal. Don't forget to throw in a wink or two to the really hot waiters that will bring you your overpriced meal.

Le Royal Monceau 

Now, this is a hotel brunch you won't regret spending your paycheck on. Go for brunch on a weekend, not breakfast and not lunch, just brunch. Show up around noon for the height of the trendiness. Order an almond milk latte, and then proceed to grab a green juice, and then get a raspberry croissant, a side of chocolate sauce (they have about 15 to choose from). Then, start a separate place layered with smoked salmon, crispy bacon, prosciutto, and local cheese. Make your way back to the raspberry croissants, and cut a piece of brioche bread to toast, and layer your meats on. Sit down. Eat. Repeat. 

What to Eat in Paris: 

Croque Monsieur

Club Sandwich


Bread + Butter

Beef Tartar (at Brasserie Lipp) 

Lots of wine 

What to Do: 

Paris is full of daily events, outings, and fun parties to head to at night. 

Crazy Horse 

Strip clubs freak me out. Now, this is a teen-driven blog, so I would never promote a young person going to a strip club. When I heard of Crazy Horse in Paris, I just knew I had to check it out. 

Paris is known for having some of the best burlesque clubs. This one is so good that the list of celebrities that have visited spans from Rihanna to Clint Eastwood. Bring your boyfriend or group of gals for a Saturday night out. Order a bottle of champagne, and snack on fruity macarons, while viewing one of the most eye-catching shows in Paris. 


I suck. I also hate museums. I didn't go into the Louvre, and I didn't walk up the Eiffel Tower, but to my defense, I viewed both, with a croissant and coffee in hand. Skip the tourist stuff, and walk from your hotel all the way down to the Arc at night. During the day, walk along the river to the Louvre, and then spend the rest of the day gallivanting around the streets, where the locals are found. Go in and out of the trendy shops, and stop for another croissant after a long walk. 

Random Stuff:
 Julie Nail



On my last day in Paris, I took a nap, and then I went to Julie Nails with my sister for a manicure before heading home. Paris is notorious for women spending an entire day pampering themselves, so we had to at least experience a bit of the elitist culture. This nail salon gave me the strongest and prettiest manicure I've had in a while. They also do gel nails, pedicures, and a few other spa necessities, just don't be freaked out by how low-key the salon is. Read the Yelp reviews, and you'll know how great Julie's is. 


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