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A Weekend With Delamar

On Friday evening, I ended up on a late night train to Southport, Connecticut, for a night in the snowy country. I was craving it, to say the least, considering this NYC weather is either rain/snow, and makes for no walk through Central Park an enjoyable one. A while ago, I came across the Delamar Southport while looking for a hotel in reasonable distance to the city to stay at New Years Eve. Since we decided to stay at the McCarren in Brooklyn on NYE, that gave me some much needed time to plan a getaway to this country abode.

The Delamar is situated on the harbor in Greenwich, CT, with another location in Southport. You can take the train straight to either train stop, or hire a car service (like I did) to take me to the hotel. Thank's Hy's Limo, as usual! Everything inside the property is quite modern, while the outside is homey and subtle. What's more beautiful than curling up in a huge, fluffy hotel bed while watching the snow fall?

I also had a chance to try out dinner in their 5-star restaurant called Artisan. Cheese + prosciutto for an appetizer, lobster carbonara and every fish imaginable on the menu for the first course....I most certainly have to go back to the hotel now since I didn't have any appetite left for dessert!

If you're looking to plan a country getaway minutes from the city anytime soon, the Delamar Southport is the place for you. 


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