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Back in February, I was invited to go and review Olma Caviar Bar at the Plaza Hotel, and Haru Sushi. I figured why not seriously embrace my dire want for summer by indulging in all this fish!

I've featured Haru before, both in NYC and Boston, so this is one of my hotspots. For moderately priced sushi, all the options you could possibly want, and an older but still youthful vibe, Haru is suitable for a Friday night date, a girl's night, or an after-work meeting.

Now Olma, was quite the experience. I wasn't aware that the Plaza Hotel on the Upper East Side actually had a food hall, until Olma invited me in. The hotel has every food one could want: crepes, macarons, thai, caviar, seafood, cheese...mmm, a foodies heaven. We got to sample a TON of different variations of caviar: hackelback, paddlefish, and white sturgeon were my three favorites out of the bunch. If you're in a celebratory mood, order some champagne for the table, and spend an entire afternoon at Olma (followed by fruity macarons across the court!) 


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