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A World-Class Flight with BA

My last trip to London was sponsored by British Airways. We were quite excited to partner and collaborate for London Fashion Week! I've flown with BA before, but this was my first time to actually pay attention to the type of craft and service that I'm on.

Many airlines have received negative reps lately, whether it's for accidents, unkind staff, or crappy food. Virgin and BA are the two top airlines to fly with to Europe, so how does one decide?

I was placed on the last flight out of NYC to London following NYFW, so my flight was pretty packed. We left at 9:35 PM, and the service had been delayed about 1 hour, though was prompt once we boarded. 

I don't believe I've actually ever been on an airplane this huge! There was a decent sized first class, economy, and coach, with staff separately attending the different coaches. Upon seating, we quickly received dinner menus, and I had ordered gluten-free prior, so they brought out my meal before everyone else received theirs. Surprisingly, the meal was quite tasty: roasted vegetables and chicken, and fruit for dessert. I was eager for something a little more indulgent, though I give them major points for effort and accommodating minorities. 

Since the flight left late, I fell asleep, and woke up in London! You don't realize how long you've been on a plane when you end up sleeping the majority of the ride. If you're one of those that can never sleep on airplanes, BA has a huge selection of movies/TV/ and kids shows you can choose from. They have just about everything.

I highly suggest flying BA the next time you head to Europe, or anywhere else! You won't be disappointed. 


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