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Valentine's Day with Financier Patisserie

This is my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. *insert every heart emoji here* 




I've never purchased anyone besides my mom, my dad, or my best friends gifts on this pointless holiday. For the past 17 years, my best friend and I buy each other boatloads of chocolate, and make hilarious cards to remind each other we don't need boys (they are dumb!!) Ryley is definitely going to hate me this year, even though I'll still buy her "boys suck" cards and too much chocolate. I'll just be spending this holiday with my actual boy. 

I also hate to be that sappy "here is my boyfriend look at us look at our pictures" girl, but I think a  part of me mayyyy slowly be embracing that role...there is no other guy I'd rather call my boyfriend, and that makes me smile uncontrollably. 

Last week, Financier Patisserie invited me to go and sample their new V-Day menu additions: let's just say: there was lots of chocolate hearts, "I Love You" cakes, and red. So. much. red. I dug into the fluffiest chocolate mousse EVER, a raspberry scone with a sweet fruit tart, and my favorite almond milk latte. Financier still has the best almond milk latte in Manhattan: I absolutely swear by that! You can see most of the new items in the pictures above, but they've also got chocolate covered strawberries on the menu. 

Now that you've listened to me talk way too much about my boyfriend (I promise, this will be a rare occurrence. I won't become "that" girl), almond milk lattes, and chocolate mousse, you'd better head to Financier and grab your goodies before they all run out. 


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