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During a more relaxed week in October, I decided to plan a spontaneous trip to a local hotspot that's close to home yet far enough away to feel like I'm on a new island. Foxwoods Resort, a Connecticut hotspot, invited me to bring a few of my friends to stay over for a night of fun! 

I'm from Storrs, which is about 40 minutes away from Mashantucket, Connecticut, where Foxwoods is located. I grew up going to Foxwoods with my parents when we wanted a getaway close to home: a place with great restaurants, a fun atmosphere, and nice shopping. Now that I'm older, my friends and I will drive to that area (when I'm home) for dinner or to shop, and we frequently spend hours browsing through the new Tanger Outlets and eating! Gretta Monahan, one of my close friends, owns the G Spa at Foxwoods, and I've written about the amazing spa in the past. Even though it's a casino, there is something at Foxwoods for everyone. Your parents can go do "adult things" while you wander around at the stores and restaurants with your friends. Hint: make your boyfriend bring you here for Valentine's Day! 

To start, we went to Red Lantern for dinner, where we feasted on crazy delicious Chinese food. They've got a massive gluten-free selection, as well as tons of tasty appetizers: choosing what to eat was hard! Since we ate in the evening and the atmosphere is super intimate and fancy, the lighting was too dark to take my own pictures, so I attached pictures below of some of the options from the menu. My friend ordered general tso's chicken, and even though I'm not one to eat that, I had a few bites and was so impressed with how light and fresh their portion was. Red Lantern is definitely a place to go to indulge, but also stay on track with your New Year's diet.

As always, everyone at G Spa is a blast to work with, and even though I went to the spa and had to leave directly after for a flight, getting away to relax for even an hour does the trick.

I'll be heading back to Foxwoods at the next chance I get to relax, especially at a place that's conveniently located to my hometown. 



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