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Banana Republic sweater, J.Crew pants, Sole Society pants, Moshi accessories

The countdown to New Year's Eve is officially ON! I'm heading to NYC and then Montreal with my two best friends tomorrow and for the next few days: I'm excited to escape and see a glimpse of a mini Europe! 

I didn't ask for any specific gifts this Christmas, so my parents just bought me some miscellaneous items, like Hunter rain boots, gift cards, and this Banana Republic sweater above. It was on sale in the store, and I mentioned thinking it was cute, so I was happy to see it under my tree. Now that the sweater is a part of my (constantly growing) closet, the next task is figuring out what to pair it with. These subtle baby blue fancy pants have been sitting in my closet for a few months...they're not the easiest piece of clothing to put an outfit together with, though the new BR sweater was an easy route to success. I'm still debating whether the sweater is incredibly cute or incredibly hideous, but fashion is all about that question, am I right?

There's a new brand I'm totally obsessed with called Moshi, which is where I got this laptop case. Moshi sent me a few items to feature, including rose gold iPhone covers (that I've been exploding my social pages with) and warm texting gloves. I've been waiting to find a brand like this around: affordable and accessible, yet classy and quality pieces. My laptop is usually thrown around in whatever canvas bag I can find to hold it in when I'm traveling, and now, my laptop is protected from actually crashing and dying on one of the (many) times I drop it. Frequently, it's dropped on airport luggage conveyor belts. Poor baby laptop.

Thank you, Moshi, for solving my problem.


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