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A Stop Along the Way: Wild Standard, Boulder

During my time in Colorado, one thing I did was indulge. Colorado is known for their unreal food scene: chocolate, pastries, seafood, and meat are frequently on the menu, and originate from local farms. The farm-to-table concept is a big Colorado movement, where farmers collaborate with restaurants to bring their creations straight to the table.

One restaurant that mastered the farm-to-table cuisine is Wild Standard. Situated in the heart of Boulder on Pearl Street, Wild Standard invited Gabe and I in for a meal the night before we left town. I wasn't sure what to expect, after looking at their interesting yet small menu online. Would it be pretentious and tiny? Or huge and empty? Well, we were bound to find out...

Upon entering Wild Standard, we were shocked to see such a full space on a weekday. In NYC or Boston, it's always a hit or miss whether a Monday or Tuesday night will be busy. Well, Wild Standard was packed. From the bar to the back of the restaurant, everyone was busy drinking and eating the night away.

What's different about Wild Standard is their serving method. You can order from a menu filled with small plates and appetizers, or you can pick and choose from the food that comes around on gold plates throughout the restaurant. We did a bit of both, choosing the lobster risotto and toast from the menu while picking the cauliflower and an assortment of other small plates that came around.

I'm not a huge risotto person, so the risotto didn't stand out to me, though every other item that touched my lips was unreal. The Kaya toast, topped with a fried egg and vegetables, is a course I will never forget. Crispy yet moist sweet bread alongside the crisp of a fried egg paired with seasonal vegetables is a wonderful selection. The chicken, with an Indian/Thai inspired infusion, was crispy, utterly moist and a bit spicy: just to my liking. I could literally eat that chicken everyday.

One of their famous dishes in the crispy cauliflower, which is almost like a fried cauliflower bud with a spicy and sweet inside. I enjoyed it, but compared to the assortment of other food, it wasn't my favorite. We did devour all of the cauliflower though, because paired along with the rest of the food, was a subtle and crispy addition! 

For dessert, we opted with a trio of 3 items. Their menu is frequently changing depending on what's in season, so we allowed the chef to recommend dessert. I don't remember exactly what dessert we chose (my bad) but any dessert chosen by the chef is bound to impress. Sweet but not too sweet, indulgent yet not too rich...Wild Standard hits every taste bud/palette with each extraordinary bite.

If you're heading to Boulder soon, make sure to stop by  Wild Standard and eat the toast, the chicken, and the dessert. Everything else works, too. 

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