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A Stop Along the Way: Tommy Bahama

Last week, I headed to NYC for a short 12 hour trip before going to St. Louis. One of my closest friends, Anisa, is basically my second sister, and we always manage to attend the swankiest parties and coolest restaurants every time we're together (no joke). Since I don't get to see her too frequently, we know we have to make the time we spend together special. I texted her on the train to ask what our dinner plans were, and she told me about a restaurant she'd heard about called Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar. Located next to the Tommy Bahama store on 5th Avenue, it's one of the TB chain restaurants associated with the store. My first thought was that I didn't want to spend my night in NYC at a pretentious restaurant, eating tiny food and watching tons of Manhattanites sip on cocktails and pretend to eat. Anisa convinced me we should give it a try, and I decided to make a reservation. 

Upon walking in, I was surprised to see a busy bar downstairs on a Monday evening. It was only 6 pm, too. So far, so good. I was directed upstairs to the restaurant, where I felt like I was walking off a plane that just landed in Jamaica. I immediately smelt delicious Caribbean food + lots of pineapple, which are two of my favorite things. 

Our waiter advised us on what to order: from their famous coconut shrimp to the plantains with a creamy coconut sauce. I wasn't sure what to expect, but decided to order quite a few items off the menu to get a feel for the property. Let's just say, I've never been as satisfied and relaxed as I was spending my Monday night at Marlin Bar. Anisa and I bonded over a love of travel + food, and we went CRAZY over every single thing that we put in our mouth! 

I was shocked at how perfectly crisp and sweet the plantains were, paired with an incredibly creamy and sweet coconut sauce. We ordered the short rib sliders, which were also tasty and satisfying. For our main course, we decided to go for the scallops + cod. I'm not a huge fan of scallops, so I didn't fall in love with theirs, but the cod left a delicious taste in my mind. I'm still thinking about it now! Paired with a creamy and light risotto underneath, I'll be heading back solely for the cod.

The dessert was a much needed ending to my busy and hectic day. Their heath bar chocolate cake was rich and incredibly chocolatey (is that a word?) and the desserts were presented in such a unique way. I was pretty stuffed from the main courses, but I was just as happy with the desert as I was with every single other item off of the menu. 

If you're looking for an unreal and eclectic meal, Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar is a fantastic option for a date, a business meeting, or simply an evening out. 


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