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Boston Beginning

My Boston beginning has been nothing short of a success. I've been here a month now, and life is treating me well. Hard work does pay off, who knew. 

I published my Lena Dunham article a few days ago, and have had a fantastic response to it. I love seeing what people think when they read my more serious posts. Even though they're more serious, I hope to inspire people and spread a strong message through all of my writing. Exposing parts of the industry as well as my personal life can certainly bring backlash, but so far, nothing but positive emails and comments have come through. I want all young adults to know that there other people out there, successful or just beginning, that are dealing with the same issues as they are. We're all going to die together and be in the same place, Kim Kardashian included. I feel like people forget that (and forget that a lot). You may be taller, richer, prettier, uglier, or smarter than the next person, but in reality, you're going to be buried in the same ground that they are, right? Why use the words above to try and group and separate yourself from other people, even though we're all the same? 

The pictures above were taken a few weeks back after a fun outing with a few of my Boston friends! I snagged this dress at Target over the summer, and wore it frequently over the past few months. Now that the weather is cooling down, I'm resorting to wearing it with sweaters and boots, but a versatile dress like this will stay in my closet for quite a while. 



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