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My Guide to Boston

I've gotten incredibly accustomed to living in a new city since moving to Boston almost two months ago. From finding my neighborhood coffee shop, to finding a place to box my heart out and lift my butt, I've got the places you need to be heading to if you're a Boston based person. Even if you're in town for business or a quick visit, my list of places will help you decide where to go and what to do!



Pretty much all of my friends and family know how important fitness is to me. It's my one hour a day I get to myself, away from work and life, and it's the only thing that keeps me sane working in this industry! I'm a huge fan of boxing and barre, so I like to mix my regime up. 

So, how do I choose from all of the gyms? I've tested a few out, and my top two choices are Bar Method and Everybody Fights. I used to go to different barre classes all around Manhattan, but since moving to Boston, I've found one place that I adore and I've chosen to stick with them. Instead of an intense, painful class, Bar Method focuses on training your body to be lean, long, and strong, not tight and muscular. They've got a few Boston locations: make sure to sign up and check them out if you're in town!


Boston has a vast majority of options for you to get your glam on. I'm still waiting to find efficient Seamless delivery, but if you're looking for a decent blowout or manicure, no need to worry. Hairo is one of my favorite places to get my hair blown out. They're quick, super affordable, and situated in the heart of Back Bay on Newbury Street. You won't be swarmed with Upper East Side style pretentious ladies here: consider Hairo your second home!

For nails, I've found Hi- Tech Nails to be almost as amazing as Soho Nail in NYC. If not just as amazing, they're better. Hi-Tech is quick, and a manicure is a $12 here. 


What's the only food I haven't found in Boston yet? Amazing sushi and Thai. But, we've got just about everything else. Mike's Pastry, one of Boston's most notorious tourist traps, is a spot for any local or visitor. Expect to wait at least 10 minutes..is it worth it, however? Oh, yes it is. The cannolis are too die for: they melt in your mouth, and the taste lingers until you have a chance to guzzle another one down. 

If you're a native Northeaster like me, you're probably in desperate need of a local farm to pick up pumpkins and eggs from. Head out to Boylston, MA, which is a short 30 minute drive from downtown Boston, to be surrounded by all the pumpkin patches and apple cider donuts possible. There's not one specific stand I like most: they're all lovely, so grab a few items at each stop for an eventful Saturday afternoon.

Trident Booksellers on Newbury Street is a hotspot in the area among just about everyone. Whether you're looking for crazy good Sunday brunch, or just want a hazelnut latte, Trident has it all. Get there early on a weekend to allot extra time to wander around the bookstore before indulging in their french toast. 


We're not Fifth Avenue, though we've gotten pretty close to it between Boylston and Newbury Street. From super high-end designers like Chanel and Hermes, to an array of thrift/ consignment shops, just about every little neck in Boston has a store for you. One of the places I've been visiting quite frequently is Primark. Gather a group of your gals and head to downtown Boston for a day of shopping, cannolis, and a walk on the water. Primark is a mix between Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Topshop, for half the price.


Most of my friends are in college, which means all of them are attempting to maintain a broke college student budget in a huge city. My crew and I have found some of the cheapest karaoke spots, places to rent bikes, and places to wander without spending a dime. For a lazy Saturday afternoon, pack a picnic basket and head down to South Boston. Wander around Castle Island, and don't forget a picnic blanket so you can fall asleep on the hill. 

I'm also a huge fan of farmers markets, and Copley Square has a quaint and tiny market I hop to every Tuesday and Thursday. I usually go to barre class in the morning, and wander to the market to grab my produce and a paleo muffin before spending the day in a coffee shop. 

That's a bit of Boston for ya- is there anything I'm missing? Let me know below!


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