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Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day. After arriving back home (my real home!) on Thursday, I got to catch up with my best friends, and then began to prepare for my speech on Friday morning at a local school. I grew up in a small town, which meant some of the kids I'd be speaking to I had grown up with and gone to elementary and middle school alongside. That's a heck of a lot more nerve-wracking than speaking to teens that I will probably never see again, like when I spoke at the University of Delaware! I knew this was going to be different than any time I've spoken in the past because of the fact that I went to school with these kids, and the teacher that asked me to come in and speak was my high school biology teacher..what if I didn't impress them with my story?

Long story short, I was wrong. I let these inspiring young adults have a peek inside my world, and how I managed to come from little and make it in some a prestigious industry. Some of the kids said they wanted to go to hair school, art school, or study marketing, and I was fascinated to see seniors and juniors in high school know exactly what career path they wanted. That part is always the coolest. Yes, I get to discuss my life with people, but I'm more interested in their life. 

The power of a teenager is underestimated. Teens are the future: we have the technology, the people, and the resources to do whatever we want with our lives. No, you don't have to be a wealthy kid from East Hampton to make it in fashion, or the son of a Hollywood plastic surgeon to be the next popular doctor. 

We had a mini Q&A at the end, and a few questions I got asked were along the lines of did you ever want to give up, or feel like you weren't good enough to make it in fashion? My answer is yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.  I have days each week where I still feel like I'm not good enough, or that I'm not giving my complete all to make a change in the world. In the back of my mind though, I know that I am. 17 years later, I'm finally confident in myself. That's not a process that happened overnight, but it's a process that is rewarding once you manage to succeed at being confident. Regardless of whether I'm pitching myself to an editor or a producer, or simply talking to my friends about a boy, confidence is what makes people believe. Confidence is what makes people make their life what they want their life to be. 

Read the blog post my biology teacher wrote on my story, following my speech yesterday.


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