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Breakfast with Park Hyatt

On New Years Day, the Park Hyatt invited me to go and review their phenomenal restaurant, The Back Room. I'm a huge fan of Hyatt, as I'm always featuring them and staying at their various properties, so I had no doubt that the Park Hyatt would impress me.

We decided to begin with their assortment of pastries, which was an ideal beginning to a several course meal. I was a huge fan of the buttery scone and cinnamon bun, because who isn't a fan of a cinnamon bun. The banana bread was tasty, though a little to expected for me. I prefer unusual banana breads (chocolate chips and nuts always gets me) yet this was simple. 

For our main entrees, we opted for the pumpkin french toast, frittata, sweet potato pancakes, and short rib. I was seriously impressed at the extensive options Hyatt offers, for a hotel breakfast. There is nothing continental about this place.

We loved:

sweet potato pancakes

short rib

french fries


Short rib basically melts my heart, so I devoured that dish, and the perfectly seared egg on top. The cheddar biscuit was a nice Southern style addition to a breakfast of short rib and eggs. The sweet potato pancakes were less sweet than I expected them to be, which was a breath of fresh air from the usual sugary breakfast options. 

Presentation is on point at Park Hyatt: each entree looks just as beautiful as you could imagine. Many restaurants lack on presentation and do fantastic on taste, while The Back Room has everything and more.  

P.S. Stay tuned- I'm moving to Brooklyn tomorrow! 


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