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A Stop Along the Way: Haru Sushi

Food is kind of life. Life is kind of food. Some of the best food in the entire country was located in Instanbul, Turkey. On my trip to Istanbul over a year ago, I spent a solid two weeks eating every food that came into my eyesight. From fresh figs to the creamiest and freshest yogurt, to crazy flaky baklava, I was nothing short of impressed with what the city had to offer.

If we are talking about East Coast based cuisine, you can expect to find lotssss of hamburgers and sushi on this side of the globe. New York has its fare share of sushi: Takahachi in the East Village and Blue Ribbon in Soho are some of the freshest catch around. Since I headed to Boston last weekend, I knew it was time for me to expand my search to a new city. 

With locations in New York City and in the Prudential Center (located in Boston) Haru Sushi may have taken part of my heart that Takahachi had. I took my boyfriend along on Saturday evening to feast on loads of sushi and some delicious drinks. 

The menu is extensive. You can expect to spend the first 30 minutes of your meal deciding on just the appetizers (not joking) so head to Haru if you're flexible on time. I opted for the cod, which always stands out to me at any sushi restaurant. We got the lobster dumplings too, which were moist and not to fishy. I'm not a huge dumpling person, though these were impressive. And not doughy like some dumplings! Even the cod was perfectly salty, and flaky.

Each roll we ordered was better than the next. 2/3 rolls came with gold flakes on top, which basically melted my heart before I even tried the fish. The prices are reasonable, just don't feel obligated to choose every item off of the menu like me.


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