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Holidays with Omni

 The beautiful Christmas tree from floor to ceiling in Omni! 

During my travels down to Boston last week, I got to stay with Omni Hotels again (throwback to my stay with them in Texas) and this time, had a chance to see them in holiday action. The Boston location is called the Omni Parker House, and is located in downtown Boston, in close proximity to just about everything you could image. Quincy Market, Boston Commons, and a mecca of shops are a few feet from the hotel front door. 

Omni Boston is larger than the Austin property, and boasts an incredible 11+ floors along with a gallery of old-fashioned pictures, a huge gym, and giant dining restaurant and bar. I do have to say, the Austin property was a tad homier than the Boston one (likely due to the semi-major size gap) but I still enjoyed my time at the Boston property.

On Wednesday, my travel partner (aka my mom, who decided she wanted to join in on the traveling for once!) and I dined at the restaurant inside the hotel. We decided on some of their healthy gluten-free menu options, including steak with roasted veggies, and halibut on top of a platter of veggies. For appetizers, we chose the cheese + beet salad, as well as the butternut squash soup, which were both light and very appetizing.

If you're planning a trip to Boston, I highly suggest booking your stay at Omni Parker House. I definitely gave my stay 8.5/10 stars. 


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