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Recap from Massachusetts Conference for Women!

Getting my hair + makeup done inside the conference at Stacey Frasca (a local Boston makeup extraordinaire!) 

I traveled to Boston on Wednesday to attend the Mass Conference for Women at the Boston Convention Center. I was in some fantastic company: Hillary Clinton, Tory Burch, and Lupita Nyong'o, among others. The setup was quite similar to the Texas Conference for Women, with thousands (10,000 to be exact) entrepreneur women coming together to support other independent businesses as well as successful women in all fields. I had the chance to meet a few inspiring women who attended the conference and spoke, like Ellie Krieger of the Food Network, and Laura and Sheila from She + Lo. 

I sat down and spoke with Ellie on her success with the Food Network and her journey to becoming one of the industries most successful (and healthy) chefs. We bonded over being former models and having struggled with food issues most of our lives, which inspired us to seek out and find both health and happiness with food. Ellie gave me a few tips on how to push through the struggles of running a business, as well as how to overcome harder situations and reverse them into extremely positive ones.

Sheila and Laura were fantastic. They remind me of an older version of myself, which is pretty cool. I got to speak with them for a few minutes, and they told me how they met in college, and how they didn't reconnect and realize they wanted to partner until after college, which is when She + Lo was born. If you aren't familiar with She + Lo: it's an extremely affordable handbag brand, that has been featured across the globe in magazines and televisions shows. The industry needed an affordable women's handbag line, and She + Lo has filled that niche. I'm excited to partner with them soon! Keep your eyes out for some great new content with fresh brands on the blog.

That's it for conferences for this year! I can't even begin to explain my excitement for what 2015 is about to bring...


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