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Avocado Toast You Need

I never used to like toast. I didn't really eat bread, and not because I wanted to but was nervous of if bread would make me "fat" or not, but because I didn't know what to do with my bread. It wasn't until the Instagram health craze came around that everyone was slapping on almond butter/banana/honey, avocado, egg, etc to every piece of whole grain bread in sight. That's why yesterday, when my very skilled friend made me the most classic avocado toast after our intense workout, I figured everyone needs a chance to make avocado magic.

Avocado toast//Serves 1-2, double for more people

2-3 slices of quality bread (Ezekiel is a great option. Canyon Bakehouse for gluten-free is too. Always check ingredients on the package to make sure you aren't putting harmful and unnecessary chemicals found in most breads into your body).

1 very ripe avocado

Optional: lemon, salt/pepper, truffle salt, red pepper flakes


Once bread is nicely toasted (watch that toaster carefully!) wait approx. 1 min for toast to cool before spreading avocado on top. Thinly spread your avocado around your bread, than cut bread into slivers (pretend you're 5 here) and sprinkle with lemon/salt/pepper etc. Eat!

Other varieties:

Avocado toast with a fried egg on top (post-workout classic here)

Bread with ricotta, honey, figs, and raspberries

Almond butter/banana/bee pollen/chia seeds

Prosciutto/egg/whole grain mustard

All of those combinations would be done following the same directions as your basic avocado toast!


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