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Breakfast with Financier Patisserie

NYC is filled with a mecca of restaurants, coffee shops, and macaron shops. That being said, when you find the coffee shop or restaurant you can spend your entire afternoon drinking a latte in, you know you've found a gem.

A few weeks back, I was approached by Financier Patisserie to stop in for breakfast. I took them up on that offer, and headed to their uptown location for a stop into my newest corner coffee shop.



I originally was under the belief that Financier was just a grab and go kind of place, offering coffee and almond croissants for busy New Yorkers, but was surprised to see I was wrong. Located on 54th and 1st (among several other locations) this particular joint offers a full dining menu, with breakfast served all day. Yup, that means pancakes, fluffy eggs and waffles until your stomach can't fathom any more maple syrup. 

The menu is quite extensive,  and as a sweets girl myself, I decided to go with one savory egg dish and take the sweet route the rest of the way. I had to order a latte, and was delighted to see that almond milk was an option. I'm a pretty picky latte gal, but this latte is one of the best lattes I've ever tried. I'd drink that every morning for the rest of my life.

Our waiter suggested we do a gruyere omelette, the almond butter + jam french toast, butternut squash with bacon quiche, and the waffle. So we did. I was a fan of the butternut squash quiche which changed my life (for the better) as well as the almond butter french toast. You wouldn't call me a french toast fan compared to my desirable appetite for pancakes or waffles, but this toast wasn't eggy and had the perfect amount of jam.

I didn't love the waffle because it was a little too basic for me (call me insane- if I'm going to like a waffle, it needs to be covered in chocolate, powdered sugar, and fresh cream) and the omelette was pretty basic. 

Those two items that weren't entirely phenomenal didn't compare to the rest of the experience that was a 9/10. I'd go back for that latte and quiche erryday. 

Visit Financier at their several locations from downtown to uptown to midtown! 


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