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Bartaco, West Hartford

I've had a lot of tacos in my day. And by a lot, I mean an extensive amount of tacos. From Cafe Habana to tacos on the side of the street in a little town in Mexico, to my recent trip to Bartaco, you can call me a little bit of an expert. Last weekend, Bartaco invited me to go into the restaurant and try a bunch of different menu items, which was so exciting to hear since I've been wanting to head in for quite some time now. West Hartford is fairly close to where I live, and offers the closest Whole Foods to me (YES!) as well as tons of restaurants and shops, unlike my little town.

Bartaco did nothing short of impress me. My best friend and I went pretty hardcore on the tacos: we chose the duck, chicken, oyster, and short rib tacos, which were insanely flavorful and tender. The restaurant is organized in tapas style, so sharing is encouraged. We chose a few items to start with, like the quesadilla, tamale, and guacamole, which were pretty average Mexican cuisine, while the tacos impressed me more. I'm not a person to eat duck, and neither is he, but we both leaped for it and was astonished to see how duck tacos may be the reason we both return to this trendy joint (among other reasons).

Prices are affordable. You could easily feed a group of 3-4 people for under $70, maybe less. Plus, you get to try everyone else's food, and what's more fun than that? 

If we are talking about dessert, Bartaco IS dessert. Every single dessert was devoured instantly, and I don't have one negative thought about any of them. Churros with a creamy chocolate sauce, coconut ice cream on gluten-free cake, and Mexican chocolate pudding with whipped cream are still resonating in my stomach, and heart. I'm obsessed with the creaminess and freshness of that goddamn chocolate pudding. Feed me more. 

Visit Bartaco in West Hartford, Stamford, Westport, Atlanta, and upstate New York.

*You will not regret it.*


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