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Styled by Sam: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Samantha is A Life in the Fashion Lane's stylish college contributor. She attends college in Boston and adores New York City and writing. 

With the gift-giving season in full swing I come to you with yet another post on exactly how to purchase the perfect gift. Recently, my roommates and I exchanged holiday gifts and I received many compliments on how personalized everything I gifted was. When purchasing a gift for someone, I always try my hardest to get that person something I know they will cherish. Gift giving is something that’s always come easy to me (purchasing gifts is a hobby of mine) but I failed to realize that some people do in fact struggle with gift-buying. It wasn’t until a friend of mine said, “you’re so good at getting people presents, I’ve never been good at that!” that I realized I should share my strategies and techniques to personalizing, finding, and purchasing the suitable gift for every person.

Follow these very simple steps and I guarantee everyone will love their gifts this year:

1.    Make a list of the person’s likes/interests.

This is the first and most important step to ensuring that this person will absolutely love what you give them. If you purchase something for someone without factoring hobbies/interests in, they will likely see no effort or appreciation in the gift they have received.

2.    Seek gifts that correlate to step 1 and narrow these items down by price point.

It is very important to set a budget for yourself. Also, if there is an exchange of gifts taking place, I highly suggest setting a price-point for everyone included to ensure a fair exchange of presents. 

3.    Once you’ve created a smaller list of possible gifts, ask yourself; will they use this?

This too, is a very important step to the gift-buying process. After all, there is no use gifting something that someone will not use and there is no better feeling than watching someone use/wear/enjoy the gift you gave them.

4.    Purchase, wrap, and present them with THE PERFECT GIFT.

Samantha’s gift-giving system guarantees lots of smiles, “thank you!” and a very happy holiday!

For those of you who learn better through example (I know I do) here’s a few gift ideas I’ve come up with! What Starbucks addict doesn't want their own coffee mug, and what diva doesn't want a glam iPhone case? 

Happy Holidays!


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