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Home with The Inn at Mystic

Do you ever get to the point where you keep repeating to yourself "I just need a break" every few hours? That's been me the past couple of days. That's when I knew it was time to actually take a little break, and head down to Mystic for a night away. 

I decided to stay with the Inn at Mystic, which is a beautiful Inn situated directly on the water, and very close to the downtown. I'm a huge fan of any town that decides to decorate for Christmas, and Mystic is one of them. The streets are lit with bright lights, and holiday music plays as you walk over the bridge. If you're not familiar with Mystic, maybe you've seen the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where they came to Mystic Seaport. Yes, I just referenced the Kardashians in my blog post, but you really should know of this quaint town. 

My best friend, Gabe, came with me, and we walked around the town yesterday night before cozying up next to the fireplace for dinner. The ambiance is quiet and relaxed, mostly filled with older couples. I absolutely adored my waiter, who was so funny. She helped us decide on opting with the butternut squash ravioli and fish and chips for dinner. We also got the tuna tacos and butternut squash soup. The tacos were not nearly as good compared to the ravioli and butternut squash soup. Good thing butternut squash is one of my favorite foods, because the Inn just loves butternut squash. I was delighted to have cranberries on butternut squash ravioli, because what's better than sweet and savory in the same course. 

We also had breakfast there this morning, which was the most memorable part of our dining experience at Harbour House. I am still thinking of the bananas pancakes, and goat cheese/asparagus omelette I had. Bananas pancakes are on my "I could eat you every meal" list I've just created in my head. 

This was the perfect little break I needed. 


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