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The Holiday Gift Guide You Need

Tis' the season for holiday gifting. If you're a girl reading this and you're surviving another holiday season boyfriend-less (like me- who needs boys!?) you're going to save majooooorrr this season. If you're buying for a boyfriend or girlfriend, along with your family and friends, these gifts should cover just about everything. 

For the fashion loving girl:

Many of you are probably familiar with 9th and Elm since I featured them as one of the major retailers on my Fox 2 shoot, and I'm just as much of a fan as I was a few months ago. Whether you're buying for a girlfriend or a close friend, 9th and Elm offers everything and more for that girly girl, and for a major cheap tag.

For the Foodie:

On my last trip to Texas for Texas Women, I came across a local artisan chocolate company called Delysia, who sent me a few samples to test upon my return home. With flavors like pecan cayenne bark and gingerbread truffles, Delysia is the ideal sensational sweet treat for the foodie in your life.

For the Teen:

I was never *and by never, I seriously mean never* was the girl with the acne and breakout prone skin. Then all of a sudden one day, my skin went from clean and clear to true teen skin. That means breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and every other disgusting form of bacteria that can get inside your skin. That being said, I've been on the hunt for affordable, organic medicine that actually works, and I've finally found my savior. #MPWR is the first and only certified USDA skincare brand for adolescents. Proactive hasn't seen anything yet. 

For the Guy:

Even though your guy will never admit it, every guy is just a little bit insecure. That's why this season, treat the guy in your life to a teeth whitening kit so he feels confident, and you feel amazing bringing him to dinner with your parents. Smile Brilliant offers a full whitening kit for under $120, and this one actually works. 

For the Couple:

Never been to an intimate dinner party, but always dreamed of attending one? Welcome to the elite group called Subculture Dining. It's so elite that you have to request an invite and be accepted to join this trendy group. Going down in NYC and San Fran, Subculture Dining is hosted by Food Network Star Russell Jackson and his team of award-winning chefs and foodies. Be ready to experience a new level of dining that's nothing like what you've seen before.

For the Mom:

Haven't heard of Nerium International before? You're missing out. I had the opportunity to test and review Nerium for myself, and this stuff works. Nerium is an age-defying product that is making waves in the beauty market. Simply by using a few creams that are made for sensitive skin, you'll look years younger in just a few weeks. How's that for the special older lady in your life.

The Health Freak 

As the major health nut that I am, I'm always on the hunt for products that add years to your lifespan (actually). I came across Green Virgin Moringa powder, and I'm obsessed. Throw a tablespoon into your morning protein shake, or glass of tea, and you'll be refreshed for the rest of the day. 


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