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A Stop Along the Way: Dinner with Harding's

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Harding's to go in and review their restaurant. As the foodie that y'all know I am, I couldn't resist. 

Harding's is located on East 21st Street, which is basically an ideal location, situated in between Midtown and Union Square. During a busy season at NYFW, I ventured in with my friends to show them what the hype is about. 

During food reviews, control is a difficult boundary to avoid. Since Harding's offered half of my favorite food groups, I attempted to stick with two appetizers instead of ordering every one of them. We began with the veal meatballs and ricotta and jam toast. Ricotta toast (as I've frequently spoken about through social media) is the one food in the world I could eat every single day, along with a jar of organic peanut butter. If you manage to screw up my ricotta, I hate you. 

Harding's did not screw up my ricotta, and the toast was utterly crunchy and flavorful, with a hint of sweetness from the jam. 

I'm not one to experiment with different meats either, though now I'm a fan of meatballs made with all different varieties of animals. That sounds really repulsive. The meatballs were not. If you're eating ricotta, you need meatballs. If you're eating meatballs, you need ricotta. Overall, you need both ricotta and meatballs in your life to have a successful life.

For our main dishes, we chose a bunch of them. Short rib and salmon are go-to's here. I've only ever had short rib in Miami and one other restaurant I can't remember, but Harding's takes the #2 spot on that list. The salmon was flaky and tasteful, with a delicious rice dish plated underneath the fish. 

If there's one part of the meal that we definitely cherished, it was the side of crunchy french fries we ordered. Our waiter suggested the fries over the side of lobster mac and cheese, and we went with it. They were some of the most delicious and flavorful french fries I've ever had, with little grease and a whole bunch of salty flavor. 

And for the final dish (!!!) we went with their signature griddle cake. This masterpiece gets better every time I go in. A thick pancake, topped with a sinful maple syrup puddle and a scoop of warm vanilla ice cream...I've melted just thinking about it. 

Visit Harding's NYC at 32 East 21st Street in New York City. 


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