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Austin Take 2

Dropping out of public high school (hello, I am SUCH a rebel) to follow my dreams was a hard decision. Besides my career, one of the main reasons that pushed me to leave was education. I bombed my first two years of high school, bombed as in the occasional F, and I was lucky if I got a C kind of bomb. I am not the type of kid to sit in a classroom and absorb information from a boring teacher writing math problems on the bored.

A few months after I left school, I went on a 2 week trip to Turkey, which was both terrifying due to the turmoil occurring in Turkey at the time, as well as exhilarating. That 2 week trip to Turkey taught me more than 6 months in high school taught me. Traveling has taught me how to socialize, and how to stand on my own two feet, among many other things. 

When I travel now, I try and put down my phone to look around and see the world. I've met people that have impacted my life in so many ways. Austin, Texas will forever hold a special part of my heart, which shows since this was my second time there in a span of 6 months!

I stayed at the Lone Star Court on my last trip to Texas, and this time I stayed at the Omni Southpark, located a few minutes away from Downtown Austin.

Since I was in Austin for no more than 34 hours, I didn't get to venture around to restaurants and events like I did in May, so this trip was mostly me either in my hotel room or at the conference center. The folks at Omni made my stay SO enjoyable. From the food to the spa, I left with rave reviews. A few hours before my departure, Omni organized a little stop into the Trinity Spa for me, where I got to de-stress from a crazy few days with a fabulous 70 minute facial. The spa isn't too advertised, so make sure you pick up a brochure upon arrival at the hotel so you truly experience everything they have to offer.

Since I am Alexa after all, I was most intrigued about the food. After doing a little bit of research online, some critical internet people said Omni Southpark's restaurant wasn't great, but I went in to make a decision for myself. I hung with Megan (a 19 year old entrepreneur who created a phenomenal company, Yellowberry) most of the time, and she's basically become my family over the past few days. We bonded over burgers and steak, with a few glasses of champagne to celebrate making it to Texas. My steak was flavorful, extremely tender, and had delicious roasted veggies that accompanied it.

I have to say, my most enjoyable meal at Omni was the breakfast, with an extensive breakfast buffet that offered organic and cage- free eggs, gluten-free toast and muffins, and a few classic Texas additions, like grits and potatoes. 


Overall, my stay in Austin was short but meaningful. If you're headed to Austin for leisure or business, you better be staying at Omni Southpark. Don't forget to indulge in some waffles while you're at it.


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